VHS to DVD Converter

Have you ever look for a VHS to DVD Converter or want to get the best way to convert VHS to DVD files. Due to the popularity of the Video Home System, you may have collected some cherished VHS tapes or stored footages of memorable events in your life in VHS format. There may be more that one way available. Here we try our best to choose appropriate one for you.

The next problem for VHS users may be how to convert VHS tapes to DVD? VHS to DVD Converter is specially designed for VHS users on converting VHS tapes to DVD format. VHS to DVD Converter provides you a very professional way to convert VHS to DVD equipment effortlessly. This excellent VHS to DVD conversion software has very simple and user-friendly interface. Both professional and amateur users can master it very quickly. With the VHS to DVD Converter, only a few clicks are needed to accomplish the conversion, just free download to try it.

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How to convert or burn VHS to DVD?

Preparation: First you should connect your VHS to the computer via USB cable.

Step 1. Free download and install the VHS video capturing and VHS tapes converter software. Run the VHS capturing recoder on your computer.

vhs to dvd converter

Step 2. If there are more than one external devices connected to your computer, all the device will be shown in the main interface. Just the choose the video capturing one.

Step 3. The software has supplies the optimized default settings, but you can also adjust the parameters according to your requirements. Click the "Start Capture" to begin to capture your VHS videos.

Step 4. In the main interface, you can preview the capturing process, after the capturing is finished you click the "Stop Capture" button, the below window will open.

Step 5. This step is very important, you should make sure that you have installed the VHS tapes converter. Then you can convert VHS to DVD format, or burn VHS to DVD discs.

Step 6. Click the "Converter" or "Burn" button to open the VHS converter software. The captured VHS video will be loaded to the program automatically.

Step 7. Click the "To DVD" button on the toolbar, then choose the appropriate Profile for the output DVD files. Click the "Convert Now" button to begin the conversion. The process will show at the bottom.

Step 8. After the conversion is finished, a information window will pop up. If you just want to a DVD folder file, here is the last step, you can click the "Open Folder" button to view the DVD folders.

Step 9. If you want to burn your converted VHS videos to the DVD disc, you should click the "Burn To Disc..." button, the insert disc window will open. Insert the DVD disc into your drive, set the Disc label and burning speed, then click the "Start burning" button to begin to burn VHS to DVD disc.

Look, it's very easy, just follow the instructions, you will be enjoy any of the VHS tapes on your Home DVD player. Just free download VHS to DVD Converter to try it.